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Professional Transcription services and Process

Capture more value and engagement with our specialized transcription services

Transcription is a powerful tool for capturing the details of long interviews, audios, podcasts, and other material that can prompt your audience to be engaged with your content. Transcription is the conversion of audio or video formats into text in the same language. Our transcriptions are accurate and cost-effective. Our experienced transcriptionist's are an eager bunch of people who get to the work with utmost sincerity and integrity. We have left our mark in the transcription domain due to our unmatched quality and accurate narration.

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Final Delivery

Timely delivery of transcribed draft that meets your expectations

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Assess the Source

A thorough assessment of source content to understand the intrinsic details and nitty-gritty

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Revisit and Editing

Transcribed draft goes through review and editing to ensure 100% accuracy.

How do we cater to your transcription needs?

We serve the purpose by-

Repurposing Your Content

We help you become well-versed in what you do.

Enhancing Reach

Transcribed content reaches out to new audiences.

Driving the SEO

Text has better chances at appearing in right searches and redirect audiences

Service Benefits

There are several-

Boost the content value

More searchable, accessible and practical version of your audios and videos

Increased accessibility

A great way to address people with disabilities by providing an alternative.

Overhead reduction

No need to have an in-built transcription unit when outsourcing can save the cost.