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Subheading: We publish, style and translate your documents into a multitude of languages. Focus Lingua has created milestones by delivering efficient DTP services at very affordable prices. We format and re-create foreign language page design and layouts for print and internet use. We do not compromise on the message and original feel of the material. Our DTP specialists follow a specialized process to ensure that a culturally accurate message reaches out through graphics, fonts and designs.


Typesetting the translated content into resulting document

Document finalization

Making necessary changes to meet your expectations

Linguistic Review

Thoroughly reviewed by the linguist for accuracy and quality
Focus Lingua

Service Benefits

Desktop Publishing can help you with-

Saving Cost

Efficient DTP services ensure reduction in production cost

Customize Your Documents

Meet culture or nationality specific requirements with quality DTP services

Improve Readability

Translation ensures improve reach and readability of documents
Focus Lingua

How do we cater to your DTP needs?

We meet you DTP needs pertinently-

Industry-leading softwares

We use latest and advanced software to enhance your experience

Appealing publication

We offer attractive layouts, templates and designs

High-quality translation

Top quality final product with no error and complete authenticity

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