With more and more businesses pushing their limits and going global, there are great synergies in business, technology and other domains. While evolving and expanding, there come many struggles. Language is one of them. However, this one problem can easily be managed with leading translation solutions. But how to know what aspects to consider while selecting a translation company? There can be many buzzing questions in your mind that create a sense of ambiguity. At times, it gets overwhelming with all the available options. Here, we have brought a few tips to help you make the right decision.

Ensure that the translation company has native linguists

For a translation process to be successful, it needs to be well backed up by knowledge of the target market and language. Without localization knowledge, your message or content can be misinterpreted. Native linguists know what works the best in a particular language and how to retain the context. Ensure that the translation company you are hiring has native linguists who can ensure the accuracy and keep the context with zero negligence.

Know about their quality assurance process

Nobody is immune to making errors, not even expert language experts. That’s where the role of quality check-posts comes in. Even after hiring a professional translation company, you cannot be assured of accuracy until there are multiple quality checks. It is highly advisable to know about their quality assurance processes to ensure zero errors and 100% authentic translation.

Enquire about their customer support services

Effective communication is another parameter that speaks for a translation company’s efficiency. How much time do they take in responding to your emails or calls? If long, it is not advisable to associate with them. Another significant aspect is their multilingual customer support. It is a great sign if they provide customer support services in multiple languages. It speaks of their professionalism and expertise.

Check if they have Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

It becomes important to ensure that the translation process is supported by the expertise of SMEs because certain domains involve complex terminology and regulations. For example, any medical document would require the relevant knowledge and expertise to translate it accurately. Medical, legal, technical and marketing domains involve terminologies that can only be handled by experts while translating.

Ensure that the company has certified translators

Translating is not an easy job. Mere knowing the native language is not enough. Only certified translators can do the job with 100% accuracy. So it is advisable to ensure that the linguists possess the qualification and skills to translate your important documents and content. Also, ensure that the company pays heed to data security. Your confidential data must stay protected. Read the company’s policy about data security and confidentiality beforehand.

Talk about the deadlines and delivery

Timely delivery matters. Every submission has a deadline. Before working with any translation company, know about the estimated deadlines. Ask for a quote or be straightforward in showing your concern regarding the deadline. Fast turnaround must be accompanied by good quality.

Read reviews, feedback and rating

With everything coming digital, it is easy to find reviews about a service before hiring. Read all the reviews about the translation company to know if their claims match their performance. Read testimonials on their website to understand what kind of clients they cater to. This assessment is required to ensure that your translation needs are met.

Focus Lingua offers all the qualities mentioned above and meets your translation needs most fittingly. We are a trusted name in the translation domain and versed in dealing with your diverse translation needs. Get in touch with us to know more about our services.

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